Aunt Jackie´s

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Great For This amazing styling gel gives beautiful stretch to shriveling curls, without flaking or caking. What will it do for my hair? Give dry, shriveled up curls and twists a nice stretch with Aunt Jackie’s special blend of moisturizing conditioners, Flaxseed, Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With nourishing Omega-3 fatty acids, Flaxseed has been widely used as a natural remedy for hair growth, anti-thinning and overall scalp health. With regular use, hair is left soft without a crunchy, tacky feel. Størrelse: 426 ml

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Aunt Jackie's - Quench Leave-In Condtioner giver masser af fugt til dit hår. Den forebygger tørt hår, uden at håret føles tungt/tynget af produkt. Denne leave-in conditioner giver masser af fugt og blødhed til dine krøller. Den indeholder marshmallowrod, Shea Butter og jomfru olivenolie. Indeholder fugt og protein. Størrelse: 355 ml

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