What is my hair missing?

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Hvorfor er det vigtigt for mig at vide om mit hår mangler fugt eller protein?

This is important to you as you can with that knowledge buy the right products that provide the right care for your hair.

A hair that lacks moisture or protein will feel greasy, frizzy or generally difficult to handle.

When the hair is in balance, you will find that the hair is generally easier to handle while at the same time it will look nicer and look more healthy and strong.

How do I find out what my hair is missing?

With a simple test you can find out if your hair is missing moistureprotein or are already in balance

It is important that you take a normal hair strand that has fallen off naturally, otherwise you can cut a small hair strand.

The test itself:

You should now stretch and evaluate the hair from the following:

The hair is very elastic and can be stretched a lot -> Too much moisture, the hair lacks protein.

The hair breaks quickly -> Too much protein, the hair lacks moisture.

The hair seems to be in balance, it does not break quickly or can be stretched a lot -> Your hair is in balance, so use products that are both moisturizing and protein-containing.

Video demo:

Watch Jannelle O'Shaughnessy's video demo below.

Products with protein:

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Products with moisture:

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2 thoughts on “Hvad mangler mit hår?

  1. Jane says:

    - great with suggestions for products. What do you recommend for balanced hair (inclined to missing a little protein)?

    • CurlsForYou says:

      Hi Jane,
      we would immensely recommend Innersense as they contain both moisture and a little protein.
      It could be, for example, Innersense - Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner or Innersense - Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, the Hydrating series is the most nourishing, so thinking it will be too much moisture.
      Sincerely. CurlsForYou

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