Curly Girl Method – From A To Z

En ananas notesbog til Curly Girl Metoden bloggen

In this blog we will review the Curly Girl Method from A to Z, and answer the questions why is the method as it is. If you just want the quick review without the explanations, then we recommend that you read our Quick Review, by using the shortcut below. What is the Curly Girl method? - Curly Girl methods […]

What is my hair missing?

alex-holyoake-370400-unsplash on the curly girl approved webshop only selling hairproducts approved for the curly girl method

Why is it important for me to know if my hair lacks moisture or protein?
This is important to you as you can with that knowledge buy the right products that provide the right care for your hair.
How do I take the test?
Read the blog and see

The porosity of the hair, why is it important to me?

Du kan nu læse om hårets porøsitet på din curly girl approved leverandør, alle produkter er godkendte til curly girl metoden

In this blog we describe what the porosity of the hair is and how to test your hair.
It is important that you know the porosity of your hair, as this will allow you to get the most out of your products and their nourishing ingredients. This is because depending on the porosity your hair has, you have to apply the products to your hair in different ways.

The forbidden ingredients of the Curly Girl method

curly girl metodens fordubte ingredienser

If you know the Curly Girl method, you know that there are many ingredients that the products you use may not contain. In this blog, we have listed all the ingredients that are NOT approved on the method, or that can otherwise present challenges, such as soap and Itchy m's.