Curly Girl Method - The Quick Guide

Get Hooked on the Curly Girl Method

Yes, it doesn't actually means that the method itself is faster than another Curly Girl Method, just that the guide here is just a quick summary of how you follow the method. Maybe you don't care why you need a t-shirt rather than an ordinary towel, if not then we recommend you to read our From A To Z.

Step 0 - Last Wash

Before you get started with the Curly Girl Method, make a final wash to get all the bad ingredients out of your hair.
For this you need a sulphate-containing shampoo without silicone to wash the wax and silicone residue out of the hair.

Step 1 - Co-wash/Low-poo

In the future when you have to "wash" your hair, you need a co-wash, you should use it instead of shampoo, or you can use a low-poo.

It is important that you scrub and massage your scalp for a 4-5 minute period to loosen any dirt from the scalp.

Then use a conditioner in the hair. As you put a conditioner in your hair, you straighten/detangle your hair with your fingers.
Leave the conditioner for 3-5 minutes.

If necessary, dry the hair, not with a regular towel, but with a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel that you can squeeze out the water with.

Step 2 - Styling

Before styling your hair it is a good idea to use a conditioner as a leave in. 
You can now style the hair with jelly, curl cream or something else so that the curls gather. 

When you have styled your hair, you can advantageously get your hair in a plow. Plopping promotes curl shape and makes it more defined.

Plop = When you have put your hair up in a t-shirt or a microfiber towel. The hair must lie "on top of the head" when folding.

After styling and possibly. plopping, you can choose to air dry her hair, or to dry her hair with a diffuser with cold air.

Step 3 - SOTC (Scrunch Out The Crunch)

When your hair is completely dry it will probably be completely stiff by products, this must now be scrunched. You can scrunch cast out of the hair, using your hands, a t-shirt / microfiber towel or an oil.

It is important first to scrunch the cast out of the hair when the hair is completely dry.