SALES AND DELIVERY CONDITIONS is run from Danmark by: Curls For You ApS, CVR-number 40488022 , Blåklokken 18, 8700 Horsens.

You can contact  by phone: 20 97 22 23 or e-mail:

These sales and delivery terms apply to the purchase of goods on for delivery in the EU and Denmark, but not Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Order and payment is open 24 hours a day, and you can therefore almost always shop. However, we may close the store due to maintenance. You can only Make purchases when the store is open and accessible.

To shop at you must be 18 years old and in possession of a valid payment card that we accept. If you have not yet turned 18, you can still buy goods if you have obtained your guardian's acceptance and / or otherwise has legal right to enter the purchase.

You choose the items you want to buy and put them in the "shopping cart". You can go all the way to the actual time of order correct the contents of the shopping cart and you can regularly check the content and price for

Any extra payments for eg freight will only be calculated immediately before you is ready to pay.

When You are ready to order, click on "Go to Checkout" where you enter your name, address, email, telephone number, form of payment and form of delivery.

You can change the contents of the shopping cart right up until you confirm your purchase by press the "Submit order" button. Then your order goes on to and can no longer be changed.

You is required to provide a correct address for the delivery of the goods. If the address you provided cannot be confirmed, reserves the right to withhold delivery and cancel the order.

We do not take card fees and the amount is raised only on your card when the item is shipped.

Cancellation of orders can cancel an order, if it is not possible to deliver the ordered product. You will be notified if such a situation should occur, like any payment or reservation made on a means of payment will be returned / canceled.

Receipt for receipt of order and order confirmation
Once you have ordered an item from us, you will receive a receipt per order. email for our receipt of your order. However, a binding one has only been concluded legal purchase agreement once you have received an order confirmation / sales receipt From us. Exhibiting goods at the online store is not an offer, but a call to make offers. therefore has the opportunity to cancel your order due to printing errors, technical problems, delivery failures and the like situations.

Freight strives to deliver the ordered goods within 1-3 business days after we have received your order, unless otherwise agreed in the buying process. uses various suppliers among them GLS and DAO. The freight cost depends on the individual order size and appears from the purchase process.

14 day of withdrawal
When you shop at you have usually 14 days right of withdrawal, where you can inform us that you regret the purchase and then return the item to us. The right of withdrawal runs from the day you have received the item. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the deadline is extended to the following working day.

After receiving, you only have to handle the goods in a way that you can determine the nature of the goods, their characteristics and the way in which they function.

On Some items there are not the right of withdrawal or you may lose yours withdrawal. The following goods are exempt from the right of withdrawal: Sealed goods that are unsuitable for health or hygiene reasons to be returned when the seal is broken after delivery.

For at gøre fortrydelsesretten gældende, skal du ved en utvetydig erklæring give os meddelelse herom senest 14 dage efter modtagelsen af varen. Hvis du ønsker at fortryde dit køb, kan du benytte vores standardfortrydelsesformular, som kan udfyldes på Hvis denne formular benyttes behøver du ikke informere os om din fortrydelse på anden vis.

We expect you to ship the goods as soon as possible after you have notified about cancellation and you must send them back within 14 days after you have regretted.

By returning goods you should ensure that the goods are properly wrapped. You have namely, the responsibility for the package (s) until we receive it. Save therefore receipt from the freight forwarder and possibly. track and trace number.

If the item has lost value and that is because you have used it in another way, than what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and manner of the goods It works, you can only get a portion of the purchase amount back. The amount you can get Back depends on the merchandise's commercial value, and in some cases it may means that you can only get back any shipping costs. Missing original packaging may, for example, constitute an impairment, so to be sure to be able to receive all the money back, it is recommended that the item returned in original packaging.

You will have to pay the cost of returning the item when you regret it

Please send to:

CurlsForYou ApS

Blaaklokken 18

8700 Horsens


Note! We do not receive packages sent by demand or the like.

Documentation for your purchase and return form
You must enclose a copy of the order confirmation or other documentation for your purchase.

In addition, it will facilitate the expedition if you enter the return number you receive by mail after completing the return form on

When we receive the item, we check it and you will be refunded within 14 days the amount you paid to us at the time of purchase.

We may withhold the refund until we have returned the goods, unless you have previously submitted documentation to have returned it.

The amount will always be transferred to your bank, the registration number and account number provided when completing the return form.

You may lose your purchase amount, in whole or in part. This happens if the value of the product is impaired because

• you have actually used the goods,

• it has been damaged while you were in charge of it

• you have handled the product in any other way than it was necessary to determine the nature of the goods, properties and the way they work

• You have not followed the restrictions in the right of withdrawal that result from sealing, product type etc.

All cosmetics are supplied sealed. Sealed products cannot be returned for hygiene and health reasons if the seal is broken after delivery.

Complaint - If something is wrong with the item
Your purchase of covered by the Buying Act, including the defect rules. This means that you can either get a defective item repaired, exchanged, money back or rejection of the price, depending on the specific situation. You have the law 24 months. warranty.

It is, of course, a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of an incorrect use of the product or other harmful conduct.

You must contact us within "reasonable time"
You must advertise within "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect in the item. We recommend that you advertise as soon as possible and within 2 months of the discovery.

You can advertise by contacting us via email to or by phone at +45 20 97 22 23.

In order for us to assess your complaint, we ask you to:

1. Send us a brief description of how the damage or defect has occurred. Please note that you should contact our customer service as soon as you discover the defect.

2. To document the defect, you must send 4-5 pictures together with the description.

The defect must be clearly stated on at least one of the pictures. In addition, make sure your photos show the entire product, once in front and back.

3. Send the pictures by email. email to info @

4. Please specify which order number the item was purchased on - or enclose a copy of the order confirmation / receipt

5. After we receive your pictures, we will process your complaint as soon as possible.

In the event that you have to return the item (s) during a complaint case, please send the items to:

CurlsForYou ApS

Blaaklokken 18

8700 Horsens


 (Note: Packages cannot be filed in person at this address)

By justified claims we reimburse reasonable shipping costs.
If the complaint is justified, we will of course refund your reasonable shipping costs by returning the item to us. Otherwise you have to cover all transport costs, including our shipping costs return of the item after examination.

Remember that the item must always be shipped in proper packaging and receive a receipt for sending. You are responsible for the package / goods until ours receipt. Therefore, save mail receipt incl. shipping cost information as well Possibly. track and trace number.

Note! We do not receive parcels sent by mail. claims or similar.

Discount Codes (Vouchers)
We regularly offer discount codes as part of our marketing. These codes are valid for limited periods only and may be subject to special conditions. The codes may be limited to use only in conjunction with special products, categories or brands.

When using a discount code, you must purchase for the specified minimum amount. If you buy for less than the specified minimum amount, the difference will not be refunded. Any discount code you wish to use must be entered in the purchase process before you pay the order. You cannot get credited with a forgotten discount code after placing the order. Only 1 discount code can be used per day. order.

The discount codes are not personal and can be used by the holder. The discount codes have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash, vouchers or the like.

In the case of fraud, attempted fraud or in the case of suspected other illegal activities in connection with the redemption of discount codes, we are entitled to cancel the discount code, cancel the order where the discount code was used and block your opportunity to trade on too persistent.

To be able to shop at you must at least state:

• Name
• Address
• E-Mail
• Phone / mobile number

The above data is stored with information on what goods you have purchased for 5 years from the end of the financial year to which the information relates, cf. section 10 of the Accounting Act, after which the information is deleted.

When you make a purchase, we will automatically create a My Account. In My Account you can log in and find your order history, both new and previous orders, change your settings and see your Wishlist.

The collection of personal customer information on takes place within the framework of existing legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). collects information from users from five sources:

  • From cookies, når du besøger vores websites, f.eks. IP-adresse, land, viste sider, viste kategorier, viste mærker, interaktion/klik og søgninger.
  • From purchase, f.eks. demografiske data, emailadresse, betalingsoplysninger, varer, ordrebeløb, rabatniveau, mærker og hyppighed. Herunder transaktions-emails, f.eks. ordrebekræftelse, forsendelsesbekræftelse og refusionsbekræftelse.
  • From user behavior and engagement i den afsendte kommunikation (email, SMS, direct mail eller telefon), f.eks. åbningshastighed, klikhastighed og tid brugt på læsning af emailene, afsenderdomæne og type af emailklient.
  • From users, that provides information about themselves (e.g., Wishlist)
  • From credit rating from third-party rating agencies.

The purpose of collecting the information serves different areas:

  • Liabilities. For at opfylde vores forpligtelse til dig som kunde eller bruger af vores service – som f.eks. køb, fakturering, kundeservice og Min-konto.
  • Customer service. For at kunne udføre kundeservice via Min-konto, email, chat eller telefon. Besvare spørgsmål i forhold til din ordre eller tidligere ordrer, rette fejl og vejlede kunden.
  • Marketing. At vise inspiration, produkttilbud/services og personlige anbefalinger via web, email, direct mail, telefon og via tredjepartsmarkedsføring.
  • Customer experience. For at forbedre kundeoplevelsen ved interaktion med CurlsForYou, som f.eks. personliggørelse af din oplevelse på , udvikling af nye funktioner, services og produkter. Dette omfatter også at administrere, beskytte, drive og vedligeholde vores websites, systemadministration og sikkerhed og give samtykke til aggregerede statistikker om brug af sitet, køb og til at forbedre forståelsen af vores kunders præferencer.
  • Fraud and risk. For at forhindre bedrageri og udføre risikovurdering.
  • Legislation. To comply with applicable law.

Curls For You ApS creates individual customer profiles based on collected data about you across all data sources / categories, e.g. browsing behavior along with your purchases and the information you provided (such as Wishlist). We combine and analyze this data for the purpose of improving your experience at and to tailor personal offers and services and to define the frequency of communication.

Data retention period
We will store your personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in these Terms and Conditions, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law for legal, tax or regulatory reasons or other lawful business purposes.

Purpose Period of time
Marketing Purposes for 3 år efter din seneste aktivitet, f.eks. køb, kommunikationsaktivitet eller besøg på vores websites. Hvis du har givet din tilladelse til markedsføring (email, SMS, telefon mv.), og så længe vi har din tilladelse.
Ordrehistorik samt forpligtelser til opfyldelse af ordrer på 7 år eller så længe vi er forpligtet til for at overholde de fornødne lovbestemte krav.
Customer service for 3 år eller så længe vi er forpligtet til for at overholde de fornødne juridiske krav.
Customer experience for 3 år efter din seneste aktivitet, f.eks. køb, kommunikationsaktivitet eller besøg på vores websites. Hvis du har givet din tilladelse til markedsføring (email, SMS, telefon mv.), og så længe vi har din tilladelse.
Fraud and risk assessment for 3 år eller så længe vi er forpligtet til for at overholde de fornødne lovbestemte krav.
Comply with legislation Så længe vi er forpligtet til for at overholde de fornødne lovbestemte krav.

When you visit, we collect information about all visits to our website. We use this information to improve your user experience, evaluate the use of individual elements on and to support our marketing.

Browsing can trigger a service email collects your browsing behavior (eg categories displayed, brands, products) to improve the communication of relevant products and offers to accommodate you. An example of this collection is the products you have placed in your shopping cart where you have chosen not to complete the purchase. This can result in a service email reminding you of the products you left in your shopping cart. If you do not want to receive emails about unfinished orders, you can unsubscribe directly via the link at the bottom of the email. 

Analytical tool
We use various analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, which helps us collect statistics about the use of to give you a better experience.

Information is not disclosed or sold to a third party unless this is done in connection with a restructuring or a full or partial sale of the business. Any disclosure in such a situation will be in accordance with the personal data law applicable at any given time.

By signing up for our newsletter, you agree to receive CurlsForYous emails and SMSs with inspiration, exclusive offers and personal recommendations. The messages are sent through our third-party software that complies with GDPR's data protection requirements. We use your purchases and browsing data to tailor the offers we send to you. Maximum 2 SMSs per month. You can at any time unsubscribed.

The messages you receive from us via email are tailor made for you in accordance with your information (s), habits, browsing behavior, purchasing behavior, and how engaged you are in the communication we have with you via email, direct mail or by email. telephone.

To ensure that these emails do not end up in your spam folder, we monitor whether the messages sent to the individual recipient have been delivered. We use a third-party software tool to monitor and analyze delivery performance.

To stop receiving our newsletters, click on the link found at the bottom of each email.

By using you agree that we use cookies. A cookie is a small data file that we place on your computer to keep track of what is happening during your visit and to recognize the computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.

You can read about what cookies are used on and how to delete cookies, click here

In the event that the Customer breaches its obligations under these terms of sale and delivery, may cancel or limit your use of

The following factors are considered, among other things, to be material breaches

• The customer gives incorrect information about name, address, mail address, telephone number

• The customer harasses, our employees or our customers also reserves the right to prevent or limit the customer's future use of the website, or alternatively charge the customer for return shipping in cases where considers that the customer has misused his account or returned goods, alternatively exhibited a purchase behavior or exercised return right in a way that exceeds normal use and incurs or risks to costs, risks or liability. When if any questions arise regarding any suspension / limitation or charging of return freight costs, reserves the right to include previous events and special circumstances in the present case. may choose to disregard previous events and act in the manner we deem most appropriate.

If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact or by phone 20 97 22 23. If it If we do not succeed in finding a satisfactory solution, you can, if the conditions for this are met, submit a complaint to the Consumer Complaints Board.

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby

If you are a consumer domiciled in another EU country, you can state your complaint in the EU Commission's online complaint platform.

The platform can be found here:

When filing a complaint, please provide our email address

Law choice and venue
Purchase of goods at is governed by Danish law. Any dispute is settled by the ordinary Danish courts.

Access to data as well as changing, updating or removing data
As a customer, you have the right to access your collected data categories (Articles 15, 16 and 17) and you can object to the registration in accordance with the relevant rules of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Upon appropriate inquiry, we will update, change or remove any personal information that we control, subject to regulatory violation.

We can refuse requests that are repeated for no reason, require disproportionate technical intervention (for example, developing a new system or substantially changing existing processes) or affecting the personal data of other individuals. All inquiries regarding this should be addressed directly to customer service via email info @

The Date Responsible for is CurlsForYou ApS.